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Marines – Do you see Camp Lejeune legal ads 24/7?

Before you retain one of those firms for your case, know that not all firms are equally qualified or experienced.

We are proud to announce that our esteemed partner Robin Greenwald has been named by the courts as Co-Lead Counsel for the national Camp Lejeune litigation.

Just Ask Those Lawyers…

How many years have you been practicing complex toxic tort litigation?

Weitz & Luxenberg: 34 years.

What is your success in achieving monetary values for your clients?

Weitz & Luxenberg: $19 Billion in total Verdicts & Settlements.

How many Military Veterans have you represented?

Weitz & Luxenberg: Over 25,000 Military Veterans.

How many cancer victims have you represented?

Weitz & Luxenberg: 58,431 Cancer Victims.

Have you been in national mass torts leadership positions?

Weitz & Luxenberg: YES, we have deep leadership experience.

There are even more compelling reasons why you should consider Weitz & Luxenberg for your case, please keep reading!

Charles B. Riddle, USMC Veteran

How To Select A Law Firm For Your Camp Lejeune Water Case

An essential checklist for what may be the most significant financial and legal decision of your life!

Since 2022, there has been unprecedented amount of advertising for Camp Lejeune cases which makes it very difficult for potential clients to discern with whom to discuss their potential case.

Complicating this scenario further are the many non-law firm entities (known in the trade as “lead generators”) who are probably the most aggressive advertisers you have seen. They are all just brokering your case to a qualified lawyer, and you can pick out their ads since they use names that are clearly not law firms (law firms must be called by the last names of licensed lawyers).

Your case is NOT a commodity by any means, so this guide is for comparing the actual law firms who hope to represent you. NOT every law firm is equally qualified and many law firms advertise for cases and then refer them to other firms for handling.

With Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. you are dealing with THE SOURCE. Unlike other areas of life, with injury law firms you essentially can hire one of the top tier firms in their field nationally for the same cost as a firm who can’t match their experience and resources – so your choice should be
crystal clear.

To make your choice easier, we have prepared the following questionnaire for you to compare your options (and, yes, we advise you to NOT hire the first law firm you speak with, no matter how pressured they may make you feel – while there is a time element, you are “in the driver’s seat”).

We look forward to helping you achieve justice and fair compensation for your injuries, and we welcome your questions, and ultimately – the exceptional honor of representing you.

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.

Questions to Ask the Law Firms You Are Considering

W&L’s Answer: 36 – we were formed in 1986.
Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer: 34 years representing Americans injured by corporate negligence.
Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer: $19 Billion.
Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer: 99 attorneys and 339 support staffers.
Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer: Yes – we represent (or have represented) clients from all 50 states.
Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer:

  • $18.7 Billion vs. BP Oil (Lead Counsel)
  • $11 Billion vs. Roundup/Monsanto (Lead Negotiators)
  • $626 Million in the Flint, MI water litigation (Legal Team)
  • $435 Million in the MTBE Water litigation vs. Major Oil Companies (Lead Counsel)

Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer: We are enormously proud to have represented over 20,000 Military Veterans.

Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer: Yes, we have represented 58,431 cancer victims across many toxic tort litigations.

Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer: W&L attorneys have led the way, nationally, for numerous toxic tort litigations, such as
Co-Lead Counsel for Roundup, Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for the BP Gulf Oil Spill, Lead Counsel in
the MTBE Water Contamination litigation, Liaison Counsel in the General Motors Ignition Switch
litigation, Executive Committee of Judicial Council Coordination Proceedings, Porter Ranch Gas litigation,
and Co-Lead Interim Class Counsel in the Hoosick Falls/St. Gobain Water Contamination litigation.

Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L’s Answer: Our leading attorneys regularly share their hard-earned expertise with their peer
attorneys at national and local symposiums – often chairing the proceedings. In fact, W&L Founding
Partner Perry Weitz, has recently dedicated the Perry Weitz Mass Torts Institute at NY’s Hofstra
University Law School, where scores of future attorneys will learn the techniques and responsibility of
prosecuting mass tort lawsuits.

Other Firm: __________________________________________

W&L Answer: Partner Robin Greenwald, who has been with W&L since 2005, is heading up our Camp Lejeune litigation team – and has been appointed by the courts as a Co-Lead Counsel of the national Camp Lejeune litigation – a position that benefits all plaintiffs. A former Assistant United States Attorney and the Assistant Chief of the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s Environmental Crimes Section, she is uniquely qualified to represent victims of the gross negligence experienced at Camp Lejeune. An authority on water contamination litigation, Ms. Greenwald previously served as Executive Director of the NGO Waterkeeper Alliance. Ms. Greenwald was recently inducted into the National Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame

Other Firm: __________________________________________

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